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About Buck’s Friends

Buck’s Friends is a non-profit organization committed to helping animals in need by putting an end to animal suffering and abuse. Buck’s Friends was founded in 2005 by Sandy Silverman and Kate Jennings after their involvement with multiple dog rescues. The inspiration for the foundation came from Sandy’s first dog rescue in 1998, a beagle named Buck. Sandy and Kate have always been passionate about rescuing animals. The creation of Buck’s Friends enabled them to put their passion into practice. They had great results as Buck’s Friends rescued hundreds of abused and abandoned animals.

Our Mission

Buck’s Friends is committed to helping animals in need by utilizing proper veterinary care, training and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned animals, which are otherwise forgotten.  Through the public’s generous monetary donations or through simply donating supplies, we are able to help animals in need.


Sandy Silverman

Sandy has been passionate about rescuing animals her entire life. Her first rescue as an adult was a beagle named Buck, the namesake of the Buck’s Friends organization and of the book, Buck the Peeing Rescue Dog: True Life, Heart-Warming Stories of Rescue and Adventure. That was in 1998, and since then Sandy has rescued hundreds of animals in need. She and Kate founded Bucks’ Friends, a non-profit foundation which has not only rescued animals in need, but also helped other local and national organizations financially with food, necessary surgeries, medicines and general care for their animals in need.

Sandy and Kate also wrote a “chick lit” fiction e-book that is listed for sale on Amazon.com, called Glamour Girls K-9. All proceeds from the sale of the e-book will also go directly to Buck’s Friends.

Kate Jennings

Kate grew up riding horses and collecting any stray animal she could get her hands on, so Buck’s Friends was a natural fit.  Kate began rescuing in 1997, when she rescued her beloved boxer, Rocky. After meeting Sandy in 2001 and combining their passion for animals in need, Buck’s Friends was born.

Kate lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband Terrence and their two children, Julian and Simone.

About Buck

BuckThe inspiration for Buck’s Friends came from a beagle named Buck. Without Buck, there would be no Buck’s Friends.

On a scorching hot day in July 1998, Sandy was in East Baltimore visiting a newly purchased investment property. She was deeply shocked at how extremely impoverished and dangerous the neighborhood was. She had purchased the property with the intent to renovate the building in hopes of cleaning up the neighborhood. Her reason for being in East Baltimore that day quickly changed.

Shortly after arriving, she heard a dog, desperately and angrily barking nearby. The sound was coming from a house three doors down the street. Sandy spotted a beagle in a small, filthy rabbit cage which hovered above a vat of feces. The dog was clearly suffering in the 102 degree heat. The dog had no food or water.

Sandy rescued the beagle later that same day; this beagle was Buck. Sandy  adopted Buck and went on to care for him for his remaining ten years of life. Buck became the inspiration for creating Buck’s Friends and ultimately the book, Buck the Peeing Resue Dog: True Life, Heart Warming Stories of Rescue and Adventure.