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Happy Tales

Following are excerpts from a few of the myriad letters that Buck’s Friends has received over the years.

“Mutley is without a doubt the funniest dog I have ever seen. She bonded with me and my other dog, Harley, instantly. She runs around like she is on springs and has a ball chasing squirrels, rabbits and a groundhog…Thanks you and Kate for bringing some happiness into my retirement years. Since 1986 when my wife passed away, I have lived alone and a dog has always been a great companion.” –  Jack Wolf, Aberdeen, Maryland

“I haven’t had a puppy for 30 years.  I had forgotten how much fun they are.” –  Jack Wolf, Aberdeen, Maryland

“They both light up my life.” Jack Wolf, Aberdeen, Maryland about his two Buck’s Friends adoptions

“Molly is sure a pleasure and lots of company. Everyone loves her!” –  Elsie, Towson, Maryland

“Every now and then we are blessed to have special people in our lives who are angels. You are one of those. I can’t begin to thank you enough for the special care and concern you showed for me and my pets.” –  Joan, Baltimore, Maryland

“We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful Maggie!” –  Kathy Marks, Catonsville, Maryland

“Thanks for the best dog and friend.” –  The Lyons family, Baltimore, Maryland

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. You and Johnny Boy have been a godsend. I want to tell you a story about how Johnny Boy rescued me.” –  Debbie, Hagerstown, Maryland

“We want to thank you again for your wonderfully gracious and humane response to our mother cat and her six kittens. You jumped right in and helped us and all the cats are safe with a second chance.” –  Cindy Niefeld, Baltimore, Maryland

“We love Jenny so much. She’s a good dog. She follows my dad around all the time. She is getting to the point where she will let you play with her toys and she loves balloons.” –  Desiree Lyons, Baltimore, Maryland